Stille - der Film


a film by erik borner

Every second of life passes to fast.
So when is the right time to live the moment?
Is the answer to be found in silence?

The particular slowness of this film is captivating
and allows the moviegoer an emotional glimpse of their own life


Inspired by a few youngsters in a coffee bar talking about aging, a middle aged man sinks into the idyllic surrounding of a lake.

The lake is shown in the most beautiful colors of autumn.

At this place the man seems to have turned into an old man who lingers and enjoys life at that unique spot.

His thoughts and encounters at the lake seem to be inseparably linked with the man in the coffee bar and its visitors...

This peaceful place at the lake is more eventful as initially thought: From a love story of a young couple on a bench and a chased jogger to a little boy and all the emotions which the old man finds out in his newspaper.

Is it the yearning for silence and slowing down which keep directing the man ́s thoughts in the coffee bar to this very special place at the lake while running the rat race of daily life?

“Silence” is an homage to life which seems to pass by all too soon. A plea to live for the moment and to pause in order to perceive the seemingly little everyday occurrences.

For beyond stress and hectic activity there exists perhaps this very special place which is once in a while worth being visited to be able to experience the sweet here and now with gratitude.


Michael Mendl

Michael Mendl
man at the lake

Marianne Sägebrecht

Marianne Sägebrecht
lady at the lake

Erik Borner

Sandra Fleckenstein
service at the café

Erik Borner

Erik Borner
man at the café

director´s vision

For many years I have been observing the growing discontent and the little and bigger conflicts widespread in all social classes. It seems like people have forgotten how to be human in our ever so hectic and remote-controlled world.

Long ago the old man at the lake learnt that it does not take much to be happy. Amidst the meditative atmosphere of the picturesque autumn scenery he savors the moment which is not appreciated often anymore in our every day life - the every day life personified by the same old man in the coffee bar.

My film is meant as an invitation to rediscover the beauty of the moment.

Within one single moment of silence lies life in its entire intensity and which the majority of our society is unfortunately not aware of. People are simply rushing through life and at the same time they are yearning for the moment.

One single moment of silence, a good conversation, the smile of a child – and also the one in ourselves – a stroll through nature or an inspiring film.

I believe that this vision, i.e. the rediscovery of outer and inner silence has meanwhile become a great challenge in our society. The rediscovery of the here and now though is essential for the survival of our society and is being aroused again by our film.


supporting roles

Carolin Freund in der Rolle als junge Frau am See

Carolin Freund
young woman at the lake

Thomas Jansen in der Rolle als Jogger

Thomas Jansen

Alexander in der Rolle als Junge am See

Alexander Lill
boy at the lake

Luca Simon Kron in der Rolle als Cafébesucher

Luca Simon Kron
Café visitor

Sonja Leibrandt in der Rolle als Cafébesucher

Sonja Leibrandt
Café visitor

Volker Mussauer in der Rolle als Cafébesucher

Volker Mussauer
Café visitor

Kris Bruno in der Rolle als Bahngast

Kris Bruno

Patrick Voelkel in der Rolle als Bahngast

Patrick Voelkel


script / director Erik Borner
producer Stefan Friedrich
production manager Ahmet Servet Golbol
director of photography
Christof Wahl
Jean-Marc Junge
Patrick Voelkel
1. assistent camera
Paul Becht
Nic Smith
gaffer Hardy Böhme
key grip
Stefan Fischer
Guido Theis
Jochen Kral
sound mixer Antoine Schweitzer
make-up artist
Kris Bruno
Irene Zajac
content advice Bernhard Rachul
drone camera Profilmacher, Frankfurt
still photographer Jürgen Scholz
production assistant Gesine Friedmann
composer original music Peter Ries
sound design Klangbezirk, Wiesbaden
postproduction Media Atelier Mainz
film editor
Susanna Tomas
Armin Riegel
Lodur Tettenborn
consultant Wolfgang Braun
world sales Atlas International Film
poster design
Markus Weber
Guter Punkt München

set impressions